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History of changes

This page contains the change history of this web site.
Frequent visitors may find it handy to know what was changed after their last visit.
Note that minor and cosmetic changes will not be included here.

Date (week of) Description of changes
23 July 2008 Removed Google Firefox link and point the garden to www.karesansui.nl
29 May 2007 Added Ads by Google.
11 February 2007 Removed left-menu option Caudiciform as too many did not survive.
25 November 2006 Added Firefox 2 button to Home page.
24 August 2006 Added the LinkedIn button to the Work page.
21 May 2006 Added the Season impressions section.
12 October 2005 Added my PMP ICT services business card to the "Work" page.
26 July 2005 Provider change. Moved to www.xs4all.nl/~patings
9 July 2005 Added some house exterior photos to better show the integration of house and garden. Added some photos and text in technology, garden and maintenance sections.
27 June 2005 Based the site (v2) on a cascading style sheets (should have done that in the first place). The impact to the user is close to zero, the development effort was high.
6 June 2005 Changed site to be more browser independent. Replaced "Under construction" by animated Daruma and added copyright page.
30 May 2005 Added text and photo's to Garden and Maintenance sections and extended the table of contents. The Garden section now follows the pathway around the house to
give a virtual tour of the garden.
Included Notes (note 0 as an acknowledgement) to the text and a Home button on every page.
23 May 2005 Started a "Garden" Maintenance section and added text and photo's to the Garden and Integration sections.
Added a photo slide show to the "Car" page.
16 May 2005 Added this change history page, general information about Tsubo-en and the garden style and about integration of house and garden and started garden literature references section.
3 January 2005 This site was first made available on WWW in January 2005.